BTSM #1 Ranked horse is a +7.1% ROI for all races at Saratoga from 7/20-8/28

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BTSM #1 Ranked horse is a +7.1% ROI for all races at Saratoga from 7/20-8/28 (692 Races) – Now that’s “Staying in The Black”

BTSM performance tracking analyzes the performance of the BTSM Model to prove your money is well spent on a horse betting system that delivers results and helps you bet smarter and win more money. A key differentiator compared to other handicapping providers, we will always share our horse racing results and calculated ROI to prove BTSM picks are the best on the market.

Saratoga Highlights:
1.) Win bets on the Top 1 ranked BTSM horse returned +7.08% ROI and $490 on a $20 win bet – is there anything better on the market?
2.) Win bets on on the Top 2 ranked BTSM horses returned -1.12% ROI – if you were to apply any wagering logic (eg, Kelly Criterion) – this certainly gets you to break-even and cashing a lot of tickets
6.) Exacta box on Top 3 ranked BTSM horses can also approach break-even when applying wagering logic
7.) Convert on Pick 3’s by staying races ahead of the betting public with our Smart Sheets – when they hit, they hit big

Smart News:
*BTSM posts big numbers at Saratoga with +7.08% ROI – that beats the S&P 500 for the same time period and any high-interest savings account by a long shot
*If you’re not smart yet, wait for Keeneland picks – considered our home track – with ROI’s upwards of 10-15%
*Have any questions, comments or Myth Busters about horse betting you’d like us to investigate with data and analytics?  Use the contact form on our website and lets all get smarter