How To Handicap Like A Pro

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How do you get the competitive edge at the horse racing track and make sense of the thousands of pieces of data in the Daily Racing Form? Lets face it, crunching numbers from the race program and Past Performances takes a lot of time and effort. In addition to some serious statistics and math.

Thats why the majority of horse betters follow an expert handicapper or handicapping website – its better than walking in blind – and hey, most of them do a good job of analyzing the data and keeping you relatively competitive with their picks.

Even these expert handicappers have some type of computer system or formula they use to analyze all the horse racing data – then simply spit out the top picks for you. The bottom line is – computer based algorithms are a much more efficient and effective way for YOU to make horse betting decisions. The question is – which Handicapper or Handicapping Pro should you use?

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