Churchill Downs Picks for Fall Meet

Horse racing picks and proprietary odds for Churchill Downs

Get all the horse racing picks, tips and handicapping information you need to cash tickets and print money all month long at Churchill Downs. With a predictive statistical model approach to betting on horses, we take years of horse racing results and data and give you the answers you need for smarter betting at Churchill Downs.

Every race track has a “betting bias” – meaning what do the horse racing results at Churchill Downs tell us about how we should be betting certain races?

What does the track bias tell us for Turf and Special Madien Weight races? How should you bet these races at Churchill Downs in November? Always bet the favorite for Turf races as shown by the ridiculous ROI. For Special Madien Weight races look at how different middle odds horses performed – now thats the betting sweet spot.


Churchill Downs Picks | Churchill Downs Betting Tips

Churchill Downs results show the smart bet is ALWAYS on the favorite for all races on turf. You can take that to the bank with +20% ROI


churchill downs picks | churchill downs horse betting tips

Churchill Downs results show the smart bet for Special Maiden Weight races is on horses that go off less than 5:1 for a -4.5% ROI. A Smart Sheet from BTSM will give you those picks.


Now that you’re getting smarter – how do you know what middle odds horses to bet on for Special Madien Weight races? More importantly, how do you stay smart and use all this information to print money at Churchill Downs this month?

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