True ROI Performance Tracking

BTSM is the only horse racing handicapping provider that tracks our own performance.  We calculate ROI on our own model and provide in-depth analysis on our own horse racing picks to deliver a system that is designed to improve your odds of winning with an unbiased approach. Any other handicapping system that doesn’t calculate ROI is merely a tip sheet provider selling you the favorites and wasting your money.

Whether you are investing in stocks or mutual funds – trends, analysis and historical performance are standard expectations when making a decision where to invest your money.  Why expect anything less from your handicapping provider?

Performance Tracking includes:

  • ROI tracking for each race track covered
  • Performance analysis on all Win Bets placed
  • Performance analysis on all Exotic Bets placed

Thousands of races, favorites and long shots, how did we bet them?  A handicapping system that is proven over time and proven with data – to bring you an unbiased look at why real ROI performance tracking is the smart way to measure your hard-earned money.

Be smart with your money and become a BTSM member today!

BTSM Horse Racing Results and ROI Tracking