Our Model

The most advanced horse betting system on the market

Frustrated with betting the track favorites for little or no return?  Tired of listening to the “expert” opinion?  We can help you Stay in the Black!

What you need to know about horse betting and how to make money at the horse track. Every race has a favorite horse and anyone can bet on the favorite. Oftentimes, the favorite is the horse that the “experts” have picked to win – pushing down the odds and your winnings.  And oftentimes, the favorites win.  BTSM helps you bet smarter and win on the horses with value – be they favorites or horses with middle odds.

The BTSM model uses algorithms and predictive models to derive a system of betting odds – the result is horse racing picks that make you money. When the track odds are significantly greater than the BTSM odds, this creates an opportunity for value on a horse – finding value equals bigger payoffs for you.

BTSM Model includes:

  • A predictive statistical modeling approach to handicapping horse races
  • Rank ordering of horses based on Probability to Win algorithms
  • Horse racing tips on each horse to help you flex your wager amount

BTSM calculates odds based on years of data from a particular track, combined with data specific to each horse.  The result – winners for value.  While betting on the 2-1 favorite may win you some money, nothing makes you feel smarter than having a 10-1 winning horse on your ticket. Our horse racing picks and horse racing tips will give you the edge you need at the horse track.

Smart horse betting starts with the right information – become a BTSM member today!