Myth Busters

Here at BTSM, we created Myth Busters to see if old track myths and horse betting wives tales can hold up against real data and analytics. Any truth behind, “A gray horse on a gray day?” – OR – “Is post position a factor when handicapping the field?”

Submit your theory or myth and maybe we can all get smarter.

Gray Horse? Gray Day? — Stay Away!

Gray days at Keeneland – they happen – just stay away from the Gray horses when they do. Gray horses produce 9.4% winners and -33% ROI. Chestnuts get a nice edge – winning 12.2% and returned -5.7% ROI.

Myth Buster | Keeneland Results

As the chart shows, Gray horses rank last in win rate and ROI. This is one myth that is exactly that – a Myth.

Does Post Position Matter?

Click here to see the analysis and find out if this is myth or fact »