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Keeneland Spring is upon us…”Riders Up!”

BTSM has utilized new machine learning algorithms to identify value betting opportunities.  BTSM odds are updated between 11am-1pm (pre-1st post) to incorporate jockey changes & track conditions to get the edge on the betting market Get Picks Here »

One simple premise – smarter betting, bigger payoffs. The BTSM horse race handicapping system is based on a proprietary predictive statistical model derived from years of horse racing results. In other words, we compiled all the stats, came up with a formula, and apply that formula to every day’s horse races to deliver a redesigned system of betting odds to give you the edge in the horse betting market. Learn More »

The Be The Smart Money Difference

Smart Sheets

Includes scratches! Horse racing picks and best bets in a simple and easy-to-understand format. All the horse betting information you need for straight bets, multiple races and exotics. Whether the casual player or experienced handicapper – win more with our Smart Sheets.

True ROI Performance

Only horse betting handicapping system on the market that tracks their own picks and shares horse racing results for every race – win or lose. We calculate ROI for each track to deliver a horse betting system that delivers results. The edge you need at the horse track. What’s your ROI?

BTSM Insight and Analysis

Myth Busters

Been curious about old track knowledge? Does it hold up against data and analytics? Submit your theory and we will answer through our blog. Join the BTSM community and Get Smarter. More »

Track Trends

Most tracks have built in biases, over bet favorites, underbet long shots. BTSM has analyzed the top tracks and provides the “Sweet Spot” for under-valued horses to provide an edge. Know your Maiden versus Non-Maiden races? More »


What is Vigorish? How does it impact ROI and your winnings? The average ROI on win bets is -17% for the betting public. Get to know the real track take. Breakage + Track Take = True Vig. This is what we all bet into.

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